29th October 2012

Last week I travelled to the beautiful city of Strasbourg on behalf of Silver Stage, to photograph their structure at Place Kleber. I spent most of the day waiting for the cloud to shift, which it did with about 30 minutes to spare before the sun dipped below the surrounding buildings. This shot was taken a little after dusk. Their structure is the futuristic blue dome, which was being used as an information point for the Greek Tourist Board. It contrasted well with the old buildings in this area of Strasbourg.

A city I certainly hope to return to… More shots to follow from this project soon.

Bronze Award in Regional Competition

22nd October 2012

The North East BIPP Image Competition was held last week. The standard of entry across the 6 categories was very strong again this year, so I was really pleased that my Peace Camp image (shown here) was placed 3rd in the Pictorial category. Congratulations to the winners and particularly to Newcastle-based Eric Murphy who took away the North East Photographer of the Year Award.

Exposure stacking

17th October 2012

About a year ago I photographed a model of Newcastle University that sits in the King’s Gate Building. The model shows the city centre, with the University’s buildings in white. It’s a fantastic model with a huge amount of detail. The shoot had it’s challenges, in particular ensuring that the shots were in focus over the whole image. This was difficult because of the very different focal lengths for some of the shots, such as the one shown here. The solution was a technique called exposure stacking. This involves taking a number of shots of the same view (using a tripod of course) but changing the focal length each time to ensure the scene is sharp in all parts. The different exposures are then combined together in Photoshop. The end result is a very deep depth of field not easily achieveable in one shot. To find out more there is a great article here: exposure stacking. And more shots from this project can be viewed in the archive here.


10th October 2012

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Trinity Square, Gateshead

10th October 2012

A return visit yesterday to the Trinity Square development in the centre of Gateshead. Project is for WIlliam Hare who are erecting the steel work. Great views out over the Newcastle Gateshead quayside, but a head for heights needed…