About me


I’m an architectural photographer. That is the core of my business and my passion. The end product varies depending on your requirements as a client: a portfolio of digital files, a single multi-image panorama, a framed print. What you are investing in doesn’t. My photography is about capturing that sense of place, and whatever format they are viewed in by you, and your own customers, they will demonstrate great pride in the imagery you incorporate within your business. In 2015 I was awarded a Fellowship from the British Institute of Professional Photography – one of only three based in┬áthe North East of England.

I formed Steve Mayes Photography in 2002, a couple of years after moving to the North East from where I grew up in the Midlands. My interest in photographing places had been developing slowly, in the background, from trips around Europe and North America. When I moved to Newcastle the iconic architecture that I found myself surrounded by, old and new, seemed to be the final spark that turned photography into a real passion. The early years of my new career involved working with film and a darkroom, and even when I moved to digital in 2004 my output continued to be exclusively black and white for some years. I still often work in that medium as it lends itself so well to architectural work.

Initially I stuck to selling prints in local shops and galleries, and through an online shop. This remains an important part of what I do, and my other website, which has a heavy focus on Newcastle photos, can be visited here, or from the link on the right of this page. You can also find out more about my range of greetings cards stocked by Waterstones, Fenwick, Blackwells and other outlets in the North East.

Having been in this neck of the woods since 2000 the North East has very much become my home. I live in North Shields with my wife and two Geordie daughters who are quite a handful!

Have a good look around and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a query or would like to work with me.

Environmental Policy

Doing what I can to reduce my impact on the environment is important to me. Click here to view my current policies.