Top 12 from 2012

7th January 2013

A selection of my favourite shots from a wide range of projects in 2012, from temporary staging in Strasbourg, to an art installation of 400 domed tents at Dunstanbrugh Castle to a vast warehouse on Teesside…

Top 12 from 2012

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Roundabout, London

14th December 2012

I was a little dubious about this project at first – an artwork installation in the middle of a roundabout on Bow Road, near the Olympic Park in London. Needed some good light, and some thinking about how to isolate the subject matter from all the surrounding ‘clutter’, or , if not possible, how to make it stand out.

The day was very cold but bright, but surrounding buildings prevented the low winter sun from reaching the artwork at all, an added complication not easily predicted in advance. In the end I was really happy with the shots (hence inclusion in my blog). Very urban and gritty!

Horizon School, Barnsley

10th December 2012

Hozion College in Barnsley, for Atkins. A couple of visits in the last few weeks. A North-facer so main entrance and the brightly-cladded theatre not getting the best light, but the autumnal tree helped.

Tynemouth Lido

28th November 2012

Since moving to North Shields last year I’ve become fascinated by the Tynemouth Lido – the 1925 open-air swimming pool that has been out of use for many years. I’ve made quite a few visits, often at dusk, to try to capture the structure, with the aim of creating a portfolio of images. I want these to be quite abstract in nature, with perhaps a fine art feel to them – a step away from my usual client-based work. This is a preview of how they’re coming along – a black and white ‘negative’ version.

There is currently a campaign going to see the pool restored – find out more on their facebook page here: Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.

Newcastle University projects

20th November 2012

In the last week I’ve completed a set of projects for Newcastle University Estates Department – ranging from the refurbishment of the Fine Art building to the creation of the new Student Forum, a beautifully designed outdoor space next to the Students’ Union. I always enjoy working for the University and getting to explore the vast campus right in the centre of Newcastle – a site that has been constantly growing and evolving for over 150 years. The jumble of architectural styles has real character and the centre of Newcastle wouldn’t be the same without the University’s influence on it’s shape and feel.

View project in archive here