Brick This

I’ve often found myself saying to people that if I ever expanded my business it would likely be something else to do with architecture, rather than something else to do with photography. And so it is. Last year I launched a new website and brand – Brick This – focusing on my growing interest in modelling architecture using Lego! For more information, see here: Brick This – Lego® Architectural modelling.

The fit with my role as an architectural photographer is strong, and I look forward to seeing how the two can compliment each other. For example, I’ve recently produced some mini-models based on photographs I’ve taken for existing clients, and I’ve been talking to a few architects and developers about producing models as a unique way of showing what they do, alongside photography. Or, they can be a great way to show a proposed development, such as my Tynemouth Outdoor Pool model.

If you have any queries about my Lego modelling – and surely you do! – feel free to drop me a line.


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