Environmental Policy

It is my belief that all businesses (as well as individuals) should understand their impact on the environment, and then do everything they can not only to minimise that impact but to work towards making that impact positive! Economic growth and the environmental agenda are, far from being contradictory, two sides of the same coin.

Carbon positive

This does not necessarily mean extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or off-setting more than your fair share! To me, it means seeing reducing your impact as a positive thing to be engaged in, that will benefit your business and the environment. And it means talking about what you are doing. If by making this policy available on my website encourages even one other business to improve their policy, or to develop one in the first place, then that is carbon positive. Other examples include not just having business cards printed from recycled material, but saying so on them, or asking clients if you can submit electronic invoices as it’s part of your environmental policy.

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If you have any queries about my policy, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Steve Mayes, January 2013